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Natural Stone Cleaning Hertfordshire

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slate flooring EssexNatural stone flooring is one of the most sought-after floor types available. Whatever the stone type, it offers an exquisite finish to any space. There are many intricacies that natural stone offers and an understanding of these will leave any homeowner well-educated in how best to approach regular cleaning.

Natural stone tiles are porous. While this can offer some challenges when aiming to keep the floor looking clean, this is all part of the tile’s make-up. Essentially this is what makes it special and why it offers such a unique appearance.

When approaching the deep cleaning of any natural stone it is vital that you are experienced in both the process needed and the products to use. Being a porous material, damage can easily be caused and may result in irreversible damage.

Our expertise in the field allows us to approach each job that we complete in a tailored way. Some floors may need more preparation so the knowledge of how to approach this is imperative when looking for a successful finish.

slate floor tiles eppingAn adapted approach continues through to the polishing or grinding of the stone floor. This process is used when a floor needs restoring to ensure that its finish is appropriate. This takes away the surface layers of the stone to reveal the undamaged lower layers.

Once stripped back, the tiles can be polished to a selected finish and then treated with a product to offer protection of the natural stone surface.

What does this protect against?

It is a specifically formulated product to offer resistance against wear, tear, staining, scratching and damage. It is important to remember that whilst it can offer resistance against these elements that care should always be taken when walking on or using your stone floor.

Are you considering stone floor restoration? Would you like a no obligation quotation? Call MCS Stonecare today on 01279 866838.

Setting Higher Standards for Stone Care

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To get the best from your stone floor there are key considerations that are needed. Knowledge is most certainly power with regards to achieving the best results. Without this you are likely to expend a lot of energy on achieving less than satisfactory results.

This is not an effective use of your time so it is important to seek the help of a specialist. This delegation should be viewed as a wise decision. Why? We are passionate about caring for stone floors.

terracotta tiles harlowWe have patented cleaning technology and cleaning solutions to suit all hard surface cleaning projects. We are independently owned which allows us to the opportunity to carefully select the machinery we use and the product formulations best suited for any job.

Our skilled operators have been carefully trained and are heavily qualified to achieve the best possible finish. This is accompanied by comprehensive insurances which offer confidence to our clients, both domestic and commercial.

terracotta restoration essexEach of the elements are really important in setting higher standards within our field. This starts from the initial point of enquiry through to the survey to completion of the work. How does the survey offer assurance of our high standards?

Our pre-clean survey is offered as standard. It’s a vital part of the process and cleans a specific area of the customer’s choice. It is our opportunity to find out the requirements of our customers and to discuss the goals that can be achieved.

The details that we learn during this process offers us vital information of what we can achieve. It also allows us to trial products and tried and tested techniques. This, in essence, is how we set such high standards as a definite plan is formulated on how we are going to achieve our incredible transformation.

If you would like to arrange a quotation for a stone restoration project you have please call today on 01279 866838.

Advice to Achieve Gleaming Grout

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When individuals are looking for advice on how to clean grout there is often too much information available. Much of the advice takes into consideration cleaning the surface of the surrounding tiles but not in fact the actual grout.

The cleanliness of your grout lines really is important and it is often unsightly grout that becomes more noticeable than slightly dirty tiles. The following information has been put together in order to offer comprehensive cleaning advice.

Porcelain Marks EssexIt is first important to remember that grout is a porous material. In effect, it soaks up the dirt and moisture from the cleaning process. Due to the fact that the grout lines are slightly recessed this is a process that can be difficult to avoid.

As dirt builds up naturally through use on floors it is therefore important that such particles are removed regularly. If dry particles are left on the floor when a liquid cleaning formula is applied, they will just combine with the formula and will likely be left and pool in the recesses when the process is complete. Full removal of such contaminants means that you will experience better results.

Another element to consider is the fact that the best-available solution should be selected. Not only should this be compatible with your stone tiles but it should be a formula that does not leave residue once cleaned. Any residue will instantly attract further dirt.

This is part of why our service offers such value for money. Once your tiles have been deep cleaned and restored we will offer you detailed advice on the best products to routinely clean your floor.

Grout Cleaning LoughtonOur Top Tip:

A top tip is to ensure that you avoid using bleach to clean your grout lines; as this is not an appropriate cleaning solution for grout. The intensity of bleach will likely break down the grout and will work to deteriorate it and damage it over time.

There are specially designed grout cleaning brushes available which are strong enough to deep clean the grout lines but will not damage the structure. Have you got any further questions about cleaning grout or would you like to enquire about stone floor restoration? We serve the Essex and Hertfordshire area; call today on 01279 866838.

Stone Cleaning Chigwell

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Natural stone and manmade tiles are an exceptionally popular flooring choice. When contemplating their aesthetic appeal and functionality, it is often easy to see why. With a professional’s support, it is also easy to maintain their longevity. With knowledge of routine care, your stone floors will remain looking at their best for their lifetime.

We recently completed a stone floor cleaning job in Chigwell. It was a great opportunity to discuss many aspects of our restoration work. We realised that many make the assumption that stone cleaning requires just the right products and machinery. With these two elements, anyone could clean stone floors, right? Wrong.

Stone Restoration ChigwellThere are many different elements that need to be considered. If particular steps are skipped or if incorrect products are mixed, damage can easily be caused. Your stone floors may be left unsatisfactorily cleaned or damaged with dull areas or worse. Techniques require knowledge and experience to ensure success.

As your chosen Company, we will invest our time and efforts into your stone restoration project. This will make sure that you, our valued client, will receive the best finish for your stone floors. The products we use are carefully selected and will be tailored to your specific requirements. Skilfully restored floors are easier to maintain and will outlast untreated tiles.

Different stone types are more porous than others. This means they interact with different products in varying ways. It also means there are specific products that work better and will offer superior results.

Stone floors are known to be an investment for any property and newly restored floors will bring authenticity and further splendour. Are you looking at your lack-lustred flooring, wondering if it can be brought back to life? Have you got questions about the cleaning process?

We may be able to offer information and advice that will offer assurance in relation to entire process. It will soon become evident our passion for restoring stone flooring and you will be left feeling confident of your choice to select MCS Stonecare. Call today on 01279 866838.

Marble Polishing Hornchurch

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Our marble polishing services are both exhaustive and comprehensive. We are trained meticulously in how to approach any particular marble polishing job. We take great pride in our work and have been able to hone our trade through extensive experience.

Diamond grinding is the beginning stages of stone floor restoration. Both surface contaminants and deep scratches can be removed during this process. How is this managed? Diamond abrasives are used to grind the surface of the marble tiles.

marble restoration hatfield heathThis is a multiple stage programme which needs to be tailored in relation to the particular floor. Marble floor tiles are incredibly versatile floors and offer a truly durable flooring option. This, however, provides a challenge when restoring them. Marble in its very make up offers varying challenges but yields exceptional results.

As the top layer is removed it offers a honed finish to the tile. Although it is likely that the stone finish will have been decided prior to this point; this is the point at which this needs to be decided. A honed finish will require less stages and a more-polished finish will require additional stages.

This then works to offer a finish, free from scratches and marks. Either way, the marble tiles are then ready to be fully sealed. This is the end part of the process that leaves the marble floor with resistance against wear and usage.

It is fair to say that this entire process requires a skilled approach. It is time consuming and demands a highly-trained approach. This is part of our passion for stone floor restoration. We will always go the extra mile to offer seamlessly restored marble flooring. Are you considering a marble polishing project? Please call us on 01279 866838 to arrange a survey. It is our opportunity to offer information and advice that will offer further benefit to your project.