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A Breakthrough Travertine Cleaning Formula

By On February 1, 2016 No Comments

There has been a clear resurgence of travertine tiles being laid in both domestic and commercial properties. As a natural stone it has become one of the most favoured floor tiles. As time passes, these floors are suffering from daily use and other deteriorating factors that challenge their appearance.

We have devised a breakthrough formula to fully restore these tiles; we specialise in natural stone floor cleaning and restoration and will ensure your floor tiles are deep cleaned with skill and care.

Travertine Floor Cleaning ChigwellWhat are some of the problems identified with travertine tiles?

  • Scratches
  • Dullness
  • Pot holes
  • Lack-lustre look

Our formula is essentially straight forward, however, the intricacies and knowledge required within each element is exactly why we can confidently offer a superior service.

Our Stone Cleaning Formula:-

Specific stone cleaning products + trade machinery + experience = a superior stone finish

Cleaning products: these need to be stone specific. Incorrect product formulations can cause damage to travertine floors so it is important that trade strength, eco-friendly products are selected that will complement natural stone.

Trade machinery: rotary machinery, quick-dry fans, polishing machines and a wide range of other tools are used throughout the process of stone floor restoration. This is seen as one of our largest, but most valuable investments.

Cleaning Travertine ChigwellExperience: each job provides intricacies and varying factors that requires a true understanding of the restoration process. These challenges need to be met with confidence to ensure the best possible end result.

Have you got a travertine floor that has suffered from pot holes, scratches or has dirty grout lines? We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with an in-depth survey.

Our quotation process offers detail of the work required and comprehensive detail. We will always offer an agreed cost for the work and our aftercare service comes as standard. Please call today on 01279 866838.

Travertine Tiles Chigwell

By On September 19, 2013 No Comments

A client in Chigwell, Essex had a Travertine floor which needed a large dose of TLC. Over the years the Travertine tiles had completely lost their polished finish and had become nearly impossible to keep clean to the expectation of the client.

Travertine Floor Cleaning ChigwellTravertine Tiles Chigwell







This was down to wear and tear, the wrong cleaning solutions used and a maintenance plan not being put in place.

After a test area had been completed, which was chosen by the client, a system of diamond grinding procedures were used to restore the original polished condition and then Stain-Gard SB (Impregnator) was used for protecting the floor against spills and stains.

Cleaning Travertine ChigwellA maintenance plan was put in place to keep the floor looking like-new and so that full restoration would not hopefully be needed again.

The client was overjoyed with the result, especially when previously being told that the floor would have to be replaced until being recommended to contact MCS Stonecare.

We are meticulous about our approach to cleaning Travertine and our specialist restoration process has been tailored over our years of experience to achieve the best possible results. The process is fast, efficient, cost-effective and provides striking finishes to beautiful stone flooring.

If you have any questions about how to clean your Travertine flooring please contact Mark on 01279 866838.