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Limestone & Sandstone Sealer

Limestone & Sandstone Sealer makes it Fast, Easy and Safe for you to obtain an incredibly strong and durable seal to protect Limestone and Sandstone… Stronger than ever before!

Using the latest Advanced Resin-Technology™, this incredible sealing product, contains a unique blend of Acrylic Resins and Co-polymers (that’s the techie bit) which bonds deeply into the stone.

Amazingly, at the same time, applying a protective, hard wearing, natural finish, that beautifully enhances the array of colours within the stone, keeping the surface, free from daily dirt and grease build up, making your daily cleaning and maintenance practically effortless.

Limestone & Sandstone Sealer also provides you with excellent results on worn, dull or rough textured tiles, brick sets, clay and quarry tiles.

Limestone & Sandstone Sealer also;

  • Enhances natural colour
  • Is extremely durable and hard wearing
  • Makes daily cleaning easier
  • Is solvent free
  • Contains natural plan extracts
  • Has fully biodegradabe surfactants
  • Promotes New Advanced Resin-Technology

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