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Grout Colour-Sealing

Grout Colour-sealing is the process of colouring grout and sealing grout permanently.

Grout Colour-Sealing will eliminate variations in grout colour due to stains, curing, fading or damage.  Many of our clients have benefited from this in their kitchen and bathrooms, which can be renovated quickly and extremely cost effectively, in a very short time, as grout can become pitted, cracked and damaged over time.

Our unique product looks and feels like grout even though it behaves more like a ceramic tile once it has fully cured. The product contains a hardener that only activates when it comes into contact with the various compounds found in grout. This is why it sets so well and is extremely hard wearing on grout but remains soft on tiled surfaces.

Changing the colour of your grout can make a room look much larger and more airy and the effect of different coloured grout is quite outstanding.

Available in a unique range of  colours existing grout can be enhanced or completely changed to give an impact most thought could not be achieving.

Our product is the first product to be truly oil repellent and is fully breathable.

Benefits of Grout Colour Sealing;

  • Wipes clean – There is nowhere for grime and germs to hide
  • Totally seals grout and so prevents the ingress of moisture
  • Prevents stains and discolouration
  • Prevents mildew
  • Provides uniformity of colour
  • Enables a complete change of grout colour
  • Quick to apply – hours rather than days
  • Makes tiled areas look “better than new”

We will take the time to discuss all options available to you. This will ensure that you are confident with the services that we provide and indeed the finish you will receive. We offer advice that is simple to understand and straightforward to work with. There is no point blinding you with science and jargon so we will support you through the process.