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By On January 31, 2013 Under Swimming Pools

Here are some results with what can be achieved by MCS using our “ Clean and Capture “ technology.

This is ideal for swimming pool maintenance; cleaning swimming pool tiles and swimming changing rooms.

Grime and limestone build up combined on an anti-slip surface can make it near impossible to be removed using conventional methods and that’s where we come in

These photos are at a leisure club belonging to a Hotel group who had tried many different companies and cleaning products without any success to remove the limescale and green grime build up around their swimming pool area.

swimming pool tiles cleaning chelmsfordswimming pool maintenance chelmsford








Mark will be happy to advise on cleaning and maintaining swimming pool areas. Contact Mark today.

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  1. Steve Emptage
    June 9, 2014
    1:50 pm #comment-1

    Hi. Having seen the before and after picture of the pool floor you cleaned I was interested to know what products you used? I work for Badminton England at Milton Keynes where we have a hydrotherapy area for the British squad and have a floor that is in a similar state. The cause is the floor not being flat and not running to the drains and so we have areas of thick dirt/limescale/skin/body fat deposits which seem only to come up with scraping with a screw driver. Apart from time consuming, this is also going to cause damage to the tiles in all probability. We have a mechanical floor cleaner/vacuum that has a brush/pad attachment but not sure if this will work with water or chemicals and also mindful of chemicals getting in the pools. any help appreciated as we are a poor sport and can’t afford to get someone in to do this.
    Regards. Steve Emptage

    • June 17, 2014
      1:06 pm #comment-2

      Hi Steve,

      Dwell time is your best way of removing Limescale, select a poolside acid cleaner of your choice Bona products are pretty good. Apply product to the affected areas and keep agitating with a stiff brush and do not let dry out.

      After hopefully getting a desired result, rinse thoroughly and remove all residue.

      Make sure you follow health & safety procedures and wear appropriate PPI. Obviously results will be limited as we use heavy duty machinery to coincide with the cleaning products.

      Good luck
      Kind regards
      Mark Lane-Matthews

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