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How to Solve Your Stone Cleaning Issues

By On September 1, 2016 Under Stone Cleaning

Have you got a stone floor that requires your urgent attention? It may be that you have invested time searching the Internet on how to clean stone floors.

It may also be that you have ended up more confused than when you started. Some information is available but it can often feel like the exact detail you need is the trades best-kept secret!

This information is aimed to offer an insight into how to solve your stone cleaning issues in a simple and straightforward way… Call on us!

Essentially there is an incredible amount of information available but the process demands a tailored approach. This depends on:

  • Stone Cleaning ChigwellWhether there is damage to the stone tiles
  • Whether there is staining to the stone floor
  • What type of floor it is
  • Whether it is natural stone or manmade tile
  • What finish you are looking for after the deep clean

This shows very clearly the depth of knowledge required in order to achieve the best, clean tiles. It is a true statement that some stone floor restoration jobs can even provide issues that challenge the best-served professionals.

However, we are able to draw on our experience in order to confidently achieve the best finish possible. We are truly passionate about restoring stone floors and this comes across in all of our communications.

We offer true value for money because it is our aim to complete the restoration process and provide you with information and detail that will allow you to maintain the stone floor in the best way possible.

Need advice on products? This will form part of our advice as this will need careful consideration of your stone type. Products that work for one type may strip the surface off another so it is important that it works to compliment your tiles. Call to get a stone cleaning quotation today on 01279 866838.

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