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Damaged Stone Tiles

By On December 18, 2017 Under Stone Cleaning

Stone floors within homes offer a brilliant flooring alternative. They look great and are generally easy to keep clean. They are available in a huge range of variations which allows individuals to select a style that best suits their needs and aesthetic requirements.

Generally, we are able to offer information and advice that will help keep your natural stone and manmade tiles clean. This advice is offered as part of our service and provides further value to our provision.

Therefore, it is important to understand what further damage can occur to stone tiles. Damage can range in its severity and the following information has been put together in order to offer advice.

Stone Damage

  • Acid damage
  • Fire or flood damage
  • Etching
  • Scratches
  • Dull areas

As you can imagine damaged floor tiles can be unsightly. They will likely detract from the overall appearance of your floor. The damage may also be the reason for much anticipation or worry. We are here to offer a solution to this.

We offer a range of services that deep clean and restore all types of stone floors. The results that we achieve are second-to-none and we work hard to earn your custom for life. Stone flooring that is offered to our care will remain looking great. Your grout lines will be clean, and damage reduced.

Expertise plays a pivotal part of the process. This comes in the form of formal training and experience. Learning individual intricacies allows a well-informed approach and these are all elements of our provision.

We complete in-depth surveys for any stone restoration project that we are invited to view. This allows us to outline any possible restrictions of our work and any limitations. We will always try and provide our clients with a vision of what results can be achieved. Would you like to arrange a survey? Call 01279 866838 today.

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