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Vitrification and Crystallisation Facts Essex

By On May 27, 2015 Under Marble Polishing

There are two ways to achieve a polished stone finish to marble and they are:

Vitrification (also known as crystallisation) which usually involves a 2 step sandwich process. How is this managed?

The restorer will spray down on the marble tile an acidic solution which reacts with the calcium in the marble. A steel wool pad is then used on a buffing machine to work it into the marble floor until it dries.

This spray also contains calcium fluorosilicate which chemically alters the surface of the stone yet leaves a much stronger and glossier finish. (Please note: the chemical alteration cannot be reversed).

They then spray a wax down to sandwich the first process into the floor and keep building up the layers until they get the result they are after.

It all sounds ok HOWEVER there are big downsides……

  1. It causes airborne steel wool particles which are hazardous to health
  2. It weakens the structure of the stone itself if used on a frequent basis and can cause crumbling
  3. The only reason it is used is because it’s cheap, fast and anyone can do it

The second process is the one used by MCS Stonecare and still involves crystallisation but in powder form (not spray) and the big difference is it’s rinsed away and the stone is left ‘clean’ without built up layers of wax and acid!

The actual stone itself is polished and only needs a maximum of two applications with the polishing powder.


Our top tip: make sure to ask if anyone coming to do the work is going to resurface first using diamond abrasives to eliminate any scratches, as this is important to the overall success of the stone restoration project.

‘Cheap’ companies may come in and start spray polishing straight away so a demo (as Mark does) is always worthwhile. In our industry cheap means cheap.

We are always working to raise the standards of our industry; call us today on 01279 866838 to arrange a no obligation survey.

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