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Restoring Marble Tiles Loughton

By On November 6, 2013 Under Marble Polishing

Marble Cleaning LoughtonClients of MCS Stonecare who own a large property in Loughton, Essex had this beautiful marble especially imported from Portugal approximately 12 years ago and was fitted through the whole ground floor plus two flights of stairs.

With no maintenance plan in place the finish of the marble tiles had deteriorated very badly over the years and they had become dull and dirty looking with day to day cleaning becoming a horrible chore.

Grout Cleaning Loughton


There was virtually no visible improvement showing for the effort that had been put in; the result was that it had spoiled the look of their beautiful home.

The client revealed that if the marble floor could not be restored he would rip the floor up and have it replaced at great expense.

After a test area had been selected to bring the floor back to its original condition and approved, a date was eagerly set to carry out the marble restoration.

Cleaning Marble Tiles EssexBecause of the large area to be restored, the floors were done room by room to cause less disruption to the family and to keep the moving of furniture down to a minimum.

Diamond grinding pads of different grits were used with a weighted machine to remove scratches and marks. The floor was cleaned in between stages to remove stone residue and grout lines were scrubbed clean.

The surface was then polished to bring the floor back to its former glory with a high shine; marble polishing is an incredible part of the restoration process. Stain-Gard SB Impregnator was then applied for added protection.Marble Polishing Essex

Our clients were absolutely delighted with the finished result and said the floor looked better than when it was originally laid.

If you have any questions about a marble cleaning project you require help with please call MCS Stonecare on 01279 866838.

We take the time to discuss the process of the work, the restoration results we can achieve and ensure that every dealing you have leaves you with confidence that you are dealing with a professional Company who will approach restoration job with the care and professionalism required. We pride ourselves on the results we deliver together with customer care.

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  1. Kieran kelly
    March 16, 2014
    7:34 pm #comment-1


    Can you give me a quote to polish a terrazzo floor of 8 square metres. I live in Southend, my address is SS4 1HE.

    Kieran Kelly

    • March 17, 2014
      2:35 pm #comment-2

      Hello Kieran
      Thank you very much for your enquiry regarding a quote for your floor to be restored. MCS Stonecare are a Essex-based company and Scotland unfortunately is too far for us to travel, but there is a reputable company who are based in Manchester called Nu-Life Stonecare Tel: 0161 4807284 who should be able to help you.
      Kind regards
      Mark Lane-Matthews

  2. Martin Marcus
    April 2, 2015
    6:41 pm #comment-3

    We have a marble floor of approx 90sq metres in our home which was laid 5 years ago. It now needs treatment to restore its original condition. How do we go about getting a quote for this work from you?
    07860 342988

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