• Marble Polishing

Clean and Capture

Means exactly that!

As our equipment cleans (using a powerful vacuum machine driven by an engine with high pressurised steam) it captures all dirt, grime, and cleaning solutions extracting them to a waste tank which is part of the truck mounted technology that has been especially designed to clean and restore stone and other hard surfaces.

This means that there is absolutely no mess and that our processes and technology can be used anywhere, be that indoors, outdoors or for example, alongside a swimming pool.

stone floor cleaning hertfordshirestone floor cleaning hertford






It is very important that we invest in the best-available machinery. So many people are familiar with the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ and this couldn’t be further than the truth. This needs to be combined with the appropriate product solutions.

Different stone types or hard surfaces require individual approaches. This may be cleaning solutions, polishing agents or stone sealers. A superior product will offer a superior result as well as lasting longer on the floor.

It shows that it is false economy to cut corners in any way. Our clients expect an incredibly high standard of finish and this is something we take a lot of pride in. We offer a first class service at a competitive price.

The stone cleaning and restoration trade really does require specialist knowledge. This is gained through intensive training and ongoing experience.

Our Approach to Stone Cleaning:

  • We will always look professional in our appearance
  • We will always treat your property with respect
  • We will always be on time for our appointments
  • We take great care of our equipment which outwardly shows our attention to detail
  • We are friendly so that our clients feel they can approach us with any questions
  • We will always go the extra mile to discuss ongoing care
  • We work hard to earn repeat business and recommendations

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about a stone cleaning job please call 01279 866838.