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Sandstone Tiles Ongar

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This Rainbow Sandstone flooring belongs to a commercial property in Ongar, Essex of which there is approximately 200sqm of flooring. Though Sandstone is very hardwearing, it is also very porous and due to the rough texture, it will collect dirt and grime readily which can penetrate deep into the stone if unprotected.

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This particular Sandstone floor suffered from many years of foot traffic and had no protection applied previously (or a very poor one). This had made it impossible for the onsite cleaning staff to maintain.

On inspection by MCS Stonecare, a test was chosen by the client to determine the best equipment, cleaning solutions and type of protector to use on this particular floor to achieve the best result possible for these Sandstone tiles.

Stone Cleaning Method

Cleaning sandstone requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the intricate qualities of the stone flooring.

Different stone cleaning solutions were used independently which were mechanically applied and agitated. Clean & Capture equipment was then used to remove all residue leaving a clean and sanitised surface.

After drying the floor using industrial driers, Limestone & Sandstone Sealer was applied to leave a beautiful finish and a maintainable surface and a very happy client.

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We are intensely passionate about providing unrivalled commercial stone cleaning services throughout Essex and the surrounding areas.

We invite any queries relating to sandstone cleaning and floor care by calling Mark on 01279 866838.