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All You Need to Know About Porcelain Marks

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Our porcelain floors are like so many other elements of our home. When they look as they should, it is great. However, when marks start to appear it is often a conundrum as to how approach cleaning them.

Knowing how best to clean porcelain marks is an art but one that you can learn with ease. All that is required is the support and advice of a professional stone floor cleaner. Companies such as MCS Stonecare are time-served experts. Our tried and tested techniques and products lead seamlessly to exceptional cleaning results.

We created the following video that explains how best to clean porcelain marks. This aims to offer information and detail about the process in a simple and straightforward way.

It starts by discussing the fact that porcelain floor tiles can sometimes get to a point where they are just lack-lustred. They have lost all of their originally-laid appearance and become challenging to clean.

This deterioration can take some time and effectively mask how badly stained the floor has become. The video then goes onto discuss our top tips in order to clean porcelain tiles. These tips are vital to the overall success of the project.

Why are MCS Stonecare best to assist the cleaning of your stone floors? We are highly educated in the science relating to cleaning stone tiles. What we don’t know about stone floors is not worth knowing. We don’t stop there; we have heavily invested in start of the art machinery that allows us to achieve the highest-possible clean.

Once we have cleaned your stone tiles we then offer ongoing customer care. We will always be your go-to Company for all your stone care needs. Whether you need help with routine cleaning, stone polishing or full restoration, MCS Stonecare are equipped to take on your work. Call today on 01279 866838.

Removing Porcelain Marks Essex

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Porcelain Marks Chigwell

We, as industry specialists have the benefit of the knowledge required to professionally remove porcelain marks and staining.

The  information provides the opportunity to view this trade secret process, offering guidance and support to achieve the best possible, clean stone floor.

Call today on 01279 866838 to arrange your free, no obligation survey.

Porcelain Restoration Billericay Essex

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MCS Stonecare were contacted by a reputable tile distributor based in Essex as one of their valuable clients was very unhappy with the way there white porcelain tiled floor still looked dirty even after hours of cleaning. They had made the decision that they were ready to have a new tile floor laid.

As there was approximately a 100sq metres, the cost and disruption would have been quite considerable.

Porcelain Marks EssexOn contacting the lady of the house, she was quite sceptical about what tile restoration results could be achieved through cleaning. Without making any promises we suggested doing a test cleaning area first on a tiled area of her choice and if this was acceptable we would carry on cleaning.

On the day of inspection, we surveyed the whole floored area and noticed that under a table the floor was quite clean but there were some light grey patches. The traffic lanes were particularly dirty even though the porcelain floor had just been cleaned.

We were pretty sure what the problem was as we had come across this type of scenario many times before.

This type of build-up of soiling and porcelain marks are usually due to a couple of major factors and can happen on Anti-slip or Riven tiles. These important measures, we believe, had not been carried out on this tiled floor.

Porcelain Tiles Essex1) Firstly a good quality impregnator protector should be applied prior to grouting which will help prevent grout residue sticking to the tile and will help in making it easier to remove.

2) After the tiled area has been cleaned, again the impregnator should be applied to help the clients’ task of keeping their floor clean with routine maintenance.

After the area had been chosen to do a test, it was first cleaned using an alkaline cleaner in conjunction with our Clean & Capture equipment. Soiling had built up on the grout residue left on the tiles from grouting and had not been cleaned off properly by whoever had laid the floor.

Porcelain Restoration EssexAn acid cleaner was then used in conjunction with the Clean & Capture equipment again leaving a beautiful clean area, in which the client was stunned by the result.

The lady of the house happily let us carry on cleaning the tiles replicating the same procedure throughout the 100sq metres of flooring.

After drying, Stain-Gard SB Impregnator was then applied to help protect the porcelain tiles and for easier maintenance; the client was absolutely delighted with the finished result.

If you have any questions about cleaning or restoring your porcelain flooring please contact MCS Stonecare on 01279 866838.

Porcelain Tiles Essex

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Our clients in Essex had unglazed porcelain tiles  which needed cleaning with extra attention to the grout lines.

We used a  Wax & residue remover in conjunction with the clean & capture system.

The tiles and grout were returned to their original condition and after drying, Stain-Gard SB was applied to help with the daily cleaning maintenance of the tiles and grout.

porcelain tiles cleaning woodford green essexPorcelain-floor-tiles-woodford-green-after








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