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Marble Polishing Hornchurch

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Our marble polishing services are both exhaustive and comprehensive. We are trained meticulously in how to approach any particular marble polishing job. We take great pride in our work and have been able to hone our trade through extensive experience.

Diamond grinding is the beginning stages of stone floor restoration. Both surface contaminants and deep scratches can be removed during this process. How is this managed? Diamond abrasives are used to grind the surface of the marble tiles.

marble restoration hatfield heathThis is a multiple stage programme which needs to be tailored in relation to the particular floor. Marble floor tiles are incredibly versatile floors and offer a truly durable flooring option. This, however, provides a challenge when restoring them. Marble in its very make up offers varying challenges but yields exceptional results.

As the top layer is removed it offers a honed finish to the tile. Although it is likely that the stone finish will have been decided prior to this point; this is the point at which this needs to be decided. A honed finish will require less stages and a more-polished finish will require additional stages.

This then works to offer a finish, free from scratches and marks. Either way, the marble tiles are then ready to be fully sealed. This is the end part of the process that leaves the marble floor with resistance against wear and usage.

It is fair to say that this entire process requires a skilled approach. It is time consuming and demands a highly-trained approach. This is part of our passion for stone floor restoration. We will always go the extra mile to offer seamlessly restored marble flooring. Are you considering a marble polishing project? Please call us on 01279 866838 to arrange a survey. It is our opportunity to offer information and advice that will offer further benefit to your project.

Vitrification and Crystallisation by MCS Stonecare

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Important Information about Vitrification and Crystallisation

Throughout our website we offer a range of information to our clients that we hope provides them with valuable detail. From this it is evident that there is a lot of science behind restoring natural stone floors.

Whilst it is imperative to the overall success of the job that we are fully equipped with such information, it is only something that you should have an awareness of. This means that you are able to make an informed decision, if needed.

Far too frequently do we hear other trades making the assumption that stone floor restoration is simple and all they’d need to do is buy the machinery and products. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The likely result from this is an unevenly finished or damaged stone floor.

Stone Polishing

Stone polishing is an incredibly popular service. A polished stone floor can be achieved by two different methods including vitrification and crystallisation.

This video walks you through these two different processes. It provide you with information about the processes, drawbacks and benefits. The level of detail in these processes really do show how important it is to be well-experienced and knowledgeable about them.

Expert knowledge and experience counts for so much and knowing details about these processes will leave you with the opportunity to maximise the value of this incredible provision.

Have you got a tiled floor that you would like to restore? Have your floor tiles lost their original shine? This does not mean that you have to continue to live with this look; polishing stone tiles is a fabulous process that breathes new life into tiles. Polished tiles are striking in their appearance and offer easy routine maintenance.

We are so proud of the work that we complete and will always go the extra mile to offer the best possible service. If you would like to find out more please feel free to call us today on 01279 866838.

Advice on How to Maintain Marble Tiles

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If you were to ask someone to name a type of stone floor it is likely that one of their first answers would be Marble. It is one of the most well-known floor tiles and it has always been linked to high-quality.

Recent times have brought a wider range of tiles into the UK and this has meant that it is likely that you can find a tile to suit most budgets.

Marble Polishing EssexOur TOP TIP is to approach your marble cleaning with daily maintenance. This will ensure that a regular, straight forward routine will enable you to get the most from your marble floor.

Why is this important? This will likely eliminate any smaller issues from becoming larger, avoidable problems.

ALWAYS place a mat at the entrance of your home; ideally this should have a waterproof backing which will keep the water, dirt or salts from harming the tiles underneath. A high-quality mat will also reduce the dirt that is carried into the house on people’s feet.

Clean superficial dirt with plain warm water, using a blotting motion. Make sure to use as little water as possible on your marble tiles as this will help to stop the stain from absorbing into the stone.

Marble Cleaning EssexBE CAREFUL as some shop-purchased marble cleaning products can dull your tiles if used incorrectly. A way to check a product is to use it on an inconspicuous area. We always leave our clients with details of best-available cleaning products after our restoration process. This completely reduces the uncertainty when approaching your tile cleaning.

NEVER remove stains with a scourer, bleach or a scraper. These and harsh chemicals can result in severe damage.

We provide comprehensive services for marble cleaning and marble polishing. Contact us today on 01279 866838 and we will be happy to book in a quotation.

Vitrification and Crystallisation Facts Essex

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There are two ways to achieve a polished stone finish to marble and they are:

Vitrification (also known as crystallisation) which usually involves a 2 step sandwich process. How is this managed?

The restorer will spray down on the marble tile an acidic solution which reacts with the calcium in the marble. A steel wool pad is then used on a buffing machine to work it into the marble floor until it dries.

This spray also contains calcium fluorosilicate which chemically alters the surface of the stone yet leaves a much stronger and glossier finish. (Please note: the chemical alteration cannot be reversed).

They then spray a wax down to sandwich the first process into the floor and keep building up the layers until they get the result they are after.

It all sounds ok HOWEVER there are big downsides……

  1. It causes airborne steel wool particles which are hazardous to health
  2. It weakens the structure of the stone itself if used on a frequent basis and can cause crumbling
  3. The only reason it is used is because it’s cheap, fast and anyone can do it

The second process is the one used by MCS Stonecare and still involves crystallisation but in powder form (not spray) and the big difference is it’s rinsed away and the stone is left ‘clean’ without built up layers of wax and acid!

The actual stone itself is polished and only needs a maximum of two applications with the polishing powder.


Our top tip: make sure to ask if anyone coming to do the work is going to resurface first using diamond abrasives to eliminate any scratches, as this is important to the overall success of the stone restoration project.

‘Cheap’ companies may come in and start spray polishing straight away so a demo (as Mark does) is always worthwhile. In our industry cheap means cheap.

We are always working to raise the standards of our industry; call us today on 01279 866838 to arrange a no obligation survey.

Restoring Marble Tiles Loughton

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Marble Cleaning LoughtonClients of MCS Stonecare who own a large property in Loughton, Essex had this beautiful marble especially imported from Portugal approximately 12 years ago and was fitted through the whole ground floor plus two flights of stairs.

With no maintenance plan in place the finish of the marble tiles had deteriorated very badly over the years and they had become dull and dirty looking with day to day cleaning becoming a horrible chore.

Grout Cleaning Loughton


There was virtually no visible improvement showing for the effort that had been put in; the result was that it had spoiled the look of their beautiful home.

The client revealed that if the marble floor could not be restored he would rip the floor up and have it replaced at great expense.

After a test area had been selected to bring the floor back to its original condition and approved, a date was eagerly set to carry out the marble restoration.

Cleaning Marble Tiles EssexBecause of the large area to be restored, the floors were done room by room to cause less disruption to the family and to keep the moving of furniture down to a minimum.

Diamond grinding pads of different grits were used with a weighted machine to remove scratches and marks. The floor was cleaned in between stages to remove stone residue and grout lines were scrubbed clean.

The surface was then polished to bring the floor back to its former glory with a high shine; marble polishing is an incredible part of the restoration process. Stain-Gard SB Impregnator was then applied for added protection.Marble Polishing Essex

Our clients were absolutely delighted with the finished result and said the floor looked better than when it was originally laid.

If you have any questions about a marble cleaning project you require help with please call MCS Stonecare on 01279 866838.

We take the time to discuss the process of the work, the restoration results we can achieve and ensure that every dealing you have leaves you with confidence that you are dealing with a professional Company who will approach restoration job with the care and professionalism required. We pride ourselves on the results we deliver together with customer care.