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Advice to Achieve Gleaming Grout

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When individuals are looking for advice on how to clean grout there is often too much information available. Much of the advice takes into consideration cleaning the surface of the surrounding tiles but not in fact the actual grout.

The cleanliness of your grout lines really is important and it is often unsightly grout that becomes more noticeable than slightly dirty tiles. The following information has been put together in order to offer comprehensive cleaning advice.

Porcelain Marks EssexIt is first important to remember that grout is a porous material. In effect, it soaks up the dirt and moisture from the cleaning process. Due to the fact that the grout lines are slightly recessed this is a process that can be difficult to avoid.

As dirt builds up naturally through use on floors it is therefore important that such particles are removed regularly. If dry particles are left on the floor when a liquid cleaning formula is applied, they will just combine with the formula and will likely be left and pool in the recesses when the process is complete. Full removal of such contaminants means that you will experience better results.

Another element to consider is the fact that the best-available solution should be selected. Not only should this be compatible with your stone tiles but it should be a formula that does not leave residue once cleaned. Any residue will instantly attract further dirt.

This is part of why our service offers such value for money. Once your tiles have been deep cleaned and restored we will offer you detailed advice on the best products to routinely clean your floor.

Grout Cleaning LoughtonOur Top Tip:

A top tip is to ensure that you avoid using bleach to clean your grout lines; as this is not an appropriate cleaning solution for grout. The intensity of bleach will likely break down the grout and will work to deteriorate it and damage it over time.

There are specially designed grout cleaning brushes available which are strong enough to deep clean the grout lines but will not damage the structure. Have you got any further questions about cleaning grout or would you like to enquire about stone floor restoration? We serve the Essex and Hertfordshire area; call today on 01279 866838.

Grout Colour Sealing Woodford Green Essex

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This porcelain floor in Woodford Green Essex needed cleaning using the Clean and capture equipment with particular attention to the grout lines which were very grubby.

After finishing the stone floor cleaning process, the grout lines showed a mix of different colours of grout that was used on laying the floor.

Our client asked if there was anything we could do to change the grout colour and we suggested “Grout colour-sealing”, which can only be applied after deep cleaning anyway.

Our client  chose the grout colour to use from a colour chart, and was absolutely delighted with the finished result.

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Contact Mark for advice on choosing the right grout colour sealing for your stone floor tiles.